Elementor #11695

To create an instructor, create a new user and set the user’s role as ‘Instructor’ and save. To change an existing user’s role to an instructor, edit the user’s profile and change the user’s role to ‘Instructor’ and save the changes made.

Go to Dashboard > LearnDash LMS > Instructor > Settings. You will find all the settings admin will require to restrict certain instructor activities like admin approval for any course/product changes,  receiving emails for quiz completion and other settings like setting up emails that admins can receive when instructor updates a course/product, setting instructor dashboard template with admin customizer, etc.

You can set a commission percentage for each instructor. An instructor is awarded a commission each time a student purchases a course created by the instructor. To set instructor commissions, head over to LearnDash LMS > Instructor > Instructor Commission. There, you should be able to see a list of all the instructors on your LearnDash e-learning website. You can then set a commission percentage for each instructor and update the changes. The instructors can also see the commissions they have earned in their dashboard.


After enabling Admin Customizer menu in LearnDash->Instructor->Settings,  you can implement this in Appearance > Admin Customizer. In here the admin can set a custom template for instructor dashboard and can even set up their website logo for instructor’s dashboard. Once the instructor logs in their dashboard instructor can get all the basic information about his courses, students, earnings, course reports, etc in a glance from the he overview page.


If you login as a admin or as an instructor, below the content area you will see the ‘Share Course‘ box which has the list of instructors you want to share the course with. The shared courses appear as any other course in the course listing page of the co-instructor’s dashboard. In this listing page the co-instructor can also see the original instructor of the course in the ‘Author‘ column. 

Co-instructors are not allowed to further share a shared course with other instructors. Co-instructors can create new or edit existing lessons, topics, quizzes and questions in a shared course, but they are not allowed to trash the course. Co-instructors can create new or edit existing lessons, topics, quizzes and questions in a shared course, but they are not allowed to trash the course.



The instructor can view the student course reports from Learndash->Course Reports. The report for a course is displayed using a pie chart, and details for each student enrolled for the course are displayed in a tabular format. The report can be downloaded from the ‘Export Course Data‘ button. Also, instructors can email individual students by clicking on the ‘E-mail‘ link in each row.

The instructors can access L groups from LearnDash->Groups. in their dashboard menu.

  • Your Instructors will be able to create or delete their own groups.
  • They will be able to add those users to the groups who have either enrolled in the courses your instructor owns or shares with co-instructors.
  • They can select one or more users including themselves or any other user with sufficient user privileges to be the leader of the group.
  • They will be able to add one or more courses (own or shared) in that group.

Instructors can receive email notifications on quiz completion by students. To activate this feature login as the admin, go to LearnDash LMS → Instructor → Settings. Check the “Enable email notification for Instructors on quiz completion” option.

Instructors can also receive emails whenever their courses are purchased. Instructors can create their email template under  LearnDash LMS → Instructor → Email.

Also, instructors can receive email notifications on various triggers like students enrolled into a course, students enrolled into a group, user completes a quiz/topic etc. For this you will have to install the LearnDash Notifications plugin, which is a free plugin. The instructors can then set the triggers for which they want to receive notifications under the ‘Notifications‘ menu in their dashboard.

Instructors can also access student comments under ‘Comments‘ menu in their dashboard. The instructor can reply to these comments, also approve/reject them.